Charity and Not for Profit

Charity and Not for Profit

Organisations operating in the Charity and Not for Profit sector face many challenges, not the least of which are Legislative and regulatory changes.

This paradigm shift has brought new operational risks and requirement to industry participants. As well as the existing workplace health and safety needs and standard risk management functionality more is required around crisis accommodation and client management.

Compliance reporting has also been extended requiring businesses to track and ensure documentation is lodged within the required time frame. This combination of pressures has meant all have had to step up their GRC standards and find solutions to manage and track obligations.

TriLine GRC Solutions/Outcomes

TriLine is a flexible, intuitive online solution that allows organisations to spread the management of risk and compliance across their businesses to maintain appropriate controls. The system allows organisations to choose how much information their staff need to see and controls access with a configurable security system.

TriLine also offers businesses the capacity to spread reporting of events and incidents right across their teams without requiring all to be system users. Ultimately TriLine draws all elements of the GRC need together in the one solution.

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