About Us

About Us

TriLine GRC is a highly reputable international company focussed on providing customised, usable and intuitive technology to companies who are actively committed to developing solid, sustainable, scalable GRC frameworks within their organisation. Through ongoing research and development, we continue to deliver forward thinking products that motivate and activate Board, Managers and business owners to take a serious look at the way they are managing GRC in their organisation and to think about Compliance and Risk systems from a new perspective that has it’s foundation in sound business practice and the principles of good governance.

What is governance?

Corporate governance is fundamental to the successful operation of any business or organisation. It can best be described as a set of relationships between a company’s management, board, shareholders, and other stakeholders, which provides the structure through which the objectives of the company are set. Furthermore it provides the means of attaining and monitoring performance against those objectives.

The TriLine Philosophy

The Three Lines of Defence model provides a simple and effective way to enhance communications on risk management and control by clarifying essential roles and duties. It provides a fresh look at operations, helping to assure the ongoing success of risk management initiatives, and it is appropriate for any organisation — regardless of size or complexity.

Even in organisations where a formal risk management framework or system does not exist, the Three Lines of Defence model can enhance clarity regarding risks and controls and help improve the effectiveness of risk management systems. In many organisations, the first line of defence lies with operational management, the second line with the Risk and Compliance team and the third with Internal or External Audit. However, there is no set methodology as it ultimately comes down to what structure best suits the business.


Crowe Horwath Global Risk Consulting
Crowe Horwath Global Risk Consulting (Crowe Horwath GRC) is a truly global professional service firm providing a singular global delivery methodology to assist multinational businesses meet their governance, risk, and compliance needs. Crowe Horwath GRC experienced professionals have deep subject-matter expertise in risk management, internal audit, fraud and ethics, security and privacy, and regulatory compliance to keep you advised of emerging trends, industry benchmarks, and best practices. By combining in-depth industry skills with practical technologies and innovative processes, Crowe Horwath can help you improve your corporate governance and manage your risk.

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